Sheffield Wedding: Michael and Jade

Michael and Jade were married on July 29th, on a gloriously sunny day in south Yorkshire, at St Pauls Church in Norton Lees.

I arrived at the hotel for Bridal preparations, where everything was in full flow. Despite plenty of people in the room, and the potential for chaos, things were relatively calm and relaxed. We all managed not to step on each others toes and I was able to document the morning and capture some great images.

When I first met Michael & Jade, at the Magna wedding fayre in Rotherham, they made me aware that they didn’t was many posed pictures. They were very keen on getting candid, documentary style, photos. This was great for me, as it’s where I can shine, and get creative.

Once the girls were ready, it was time for me to head to the church and meet up with the guys. Despite the attempts to act cool, I could sense the usual nervousness of the groom.  As guests arrived, Michael began to relax and before long it was time to head inside, before the Bride arrived. The service was full of emotion and fun, and really showed just how much of a great match these two were.

As the bride and groom left the church, under a shower of confetti, we all got a shock as one of the guests let off a confetti canon! I almost forgot to capture the reactions, as it took me by surprise.

After the fun of the speeches, and whilst the room was being turned around for the evening, I had a chance to plan and set up ready for the fist dance. I decided to try something new and incorporate the amazing floral candelabra centrepieces, and some creative lighting.  It worked a charm, I managed to capture the love that that Michael and Jade share.

Congratulations to the both of you, and I wish you many years of happiness from us here at Brendan Chadwick Photography.

Here’s the story of their day in images.

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Healds Hall Wedding: David & Rachel

David and Rachel were married on the July 1st 2017 at Healds Hall, in Liversedge.

The sun was shining upon my arrival, and it was looking like a great day for a wedding.

I spent a little time wandering around the venue, checking out the best places for photos later in the day.

When I arrived at the brides room, for bridal preparations, everything was very relaxed. I have to say, I’ve never seen a more relaxed atmosphere on the morning of a wedding, but sure enough, Rachel was cool and calm, and looking forward to her special day.

When the groom arrived, he was just as cool and collected to start with, although as the ceremony got nearer, I suspect the nerves were starting to creep in. It was the same once I paid another visit to the bride.

However, the service went very smoothly, once they got the grooms ring on, and the sun was shining gloriously in the garden for drinks and photos. Everything was back to being very relaxed, as we worked our way through lots of group photos.

The speeches were a fun filled affair, with the best man doing a great job of embarrassing the groom, distributing photos of him in a dress on his stag do!

All in all it was a great, fun filled and joyous day, and I would like to wish David and Rachel all the best for their future together as man and wife.

Here’s the story of their day, in photos.

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Wedding at Pontefract Valley gardens: Gary and Lesley

After Gary and Lesley’s wedding in Mauritius, they held a small celebration back at home.

I wasn’t quite lucky enough to join them over there, but I was lucky enough to be chosen as their photographer for their UK celebration. Not wanting to leave out their kids and grand kids, they hired a limo, got dressed back into their wedding dress and suit, and had their grand kids as bridesmaids and page boys, then headed out for their own little wedding in Pontefract Valley gardens.

We headed to Valley gardens for a fun session of formal group photos, then on to the reception, for a night of partying. With a Dj, a singer and a magic mirror photo booth, a great night was had by all.

Congratulations to the both of you, from Brendan Chadwick Photography.

Here’s the story of their day, in images.

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Wedding photography at Hazlewood Castle from Brendan Chadwick Photography

Hazlewood castle wedding: James and Nikki

I was looking forward to this Hazlewood castle wedding, with James and Nikki, as the Bride, Nikki, was an old friend of mine.

It was great to be in touch and to catch up again, and even more of a pleasure to be chosen to capture her wedding to James.

This Hazlewood castle wedding was always going to be amazing, as the venue is stunningly beautiful,, and the weather looked like it was going to be on our side. I spent my morning mooching around the grounds, scoping out the best places for photos, and then catching up with the groomsmen and the guests as they arrived.

Nikki, was very self conscious about photos, so I had to put he at ease when it came to some bridal portraits.  I do very little in the way of posing when it comes to my photography, so it worked in my favour when all I asked her to do was stand in font of the bay window in the bridal suit. From there, it was just a case of chatting with Nikki and her bridesmaids and crying a very relaxed atmosphere. This meant I could capture very natural portraits, very quickly, before leaving them all alone,  and joining the groomsmen back downstairs.

The service

The service was a beautiful, but light hearted affair, with Nikki walking down the aisle to music from Star wars, and the sound of laughter. I must admit, I was chuckling away and had to remind myself to get the shots needed.

After the ceremony,  the sun was still shining brightly,  which again made for a very relaxed formal group session out at the front of Hazlewood Castle.

Bride and Groom session

After all the formal group shots were completed,  I took James and Nikki away for for some photos of them on their own around the castle grounds. This is a great chance to capture some stunning images, but it’s also a chance for them to have a few moments on their own.  Wedding days can be very hectic, so this alone time can be very beneficial.

All in all the day was awesome, with a friend of the groom baffling everyone with some great magic skills, through to a brilliant live band helping guests and the happy couple dance the night away.

From all at Brendan Chadwick Photography, we wish you both a long and happy life together.

Here’s the story of the day in photos.


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You can view the Hazlewood Castle website here if you are looking for a stunning venue for your big day.

Monk Fryston Hall Wedding: Simon & Maria

Having been at Monk Fryston the week before, I was looking forward to capturing some more stunning images for Simon & Maria. The weather, however, didn’t look like it was going to be playing ball. Heavy rain was forcast for the bulk of the day.  This wasn’t going to dampen the spirits of the bride and groom, though. They embraced the weather and we were able to capture some stunning photos, with the weather giving us a few breaks in the rain to head down to the pond and the bridge.

I can’t stress how much I enjoy shooting at Monk Fryston Hall. It doesn’t matter what the weather is like, there are an abundance of places to get some delightful images.

Take a look below, to see the story of their day.

Simon & Maria_0001Simon & Maria_0002Simon & Maria_0003Simon & Maria_0004Simon & Maria_0006Simon & Maria_0007Simon & Maria_0018Simon & Maria_0017Simon & Maria_0008Simon & Maria_0009Simon & Maria_0010Simon & Maria_0011Simon & Maria_0012Simon & Maria_0013Simon & Maria_0014Simon & Maria_0015Simon & Maria_0016

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Monk Fryston Hall Wedding: Jeanie & Rich

It was a glorious day at a brand new venue for me. And what a venue it is!

I remember meeting Jeanie & Rich, last year, at Monk Fryston hall for a chat about what I could offer them, and they showed me around their chosen venue. We hit it off straightaway, and I was really hoping they would book me, as I just KNEW that I could capture some amazing photos for them here.

On the 12th of August 2016, the sun was shining and a great day lay ahead. It was an emotional start, with the Bride, and her Bridesmaids, fighting back the tears from the off. But they held it together, and looked amazing, ready to celebrate the love that Jeanie and Rich shared for each other.

The emotion didn’t stop there, with the grooms speech having even me secretly wiping away a tear behind the camera. But sshh! Don’t tell anyone! The gardens at Monk Fryston hall are beautiful, with a lovely pond at the bottom. Popping over a couple of small bridges, you arrive at a stunning wooden bridge, that I was told just HAD to be in the photos, and I agree!

The weather held out all day, with  some glorious evening light, ensuring that the celebrations could go on into the night.I would like to wish both Jeanie & Rich all the best for their future together. Here is a short story of their day, in images.

Blenheim House Wedding: John & Sarah

At Midday, on the 24th of June 2016, I arrived at Gomersal Park hotel to meet Bride Sarah and her bridesmaids. They were surprisingly relaxed, compared to many wedding preparations I have had the pleasure of capturing. Once into her dress and the gleaming white Mercedes arrived, the emotion and nerves kicked in.

The weather, which had been overcast all morning with a threat of rain, was starting to clear up and the sun was starting to show it’s face.

Upon arriving, stylishly late, at Blenheim House, it was just as relaxed. John and Sarah had issues organising their day, having to change the date early on in the planning stages, right up to the day. But they were determined to enjoy their wedding day no matter what. In the end everything went according to plan and they celebrated their wedding into the night.

May I wish you both all the best for your future together as man and wife.

Here is the story of their day.

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Commercial photographs from Leeds photographer Brendan Chadwick Photography


I’ve been very busy lately, redesigning my website, so welcome to you all.

I’d like to start this blog with a look back at some past work. Whilst I’ve had a short break from wedding work, I’ve had a chance to look back on how I’ve developed. I see myself as a documentary photographer, working in a reportage style, to capturing events as they happen. However, over the course of the last couple of years or so, I have also developed a new love. A love for utilizing creative lighting techniques, to capture some real wow shots. I have a few inspirations when it comes to my photography, and last year I was lucky enough to be able to undertake some training with one of them, a Mr Brett Harkness. I learned a lot in my training, and put it into practice straight away. I now pride myself on being able to spot moments before they happen, so that I can be on hand to capture them, making sure that my clients wedding albums are full with moments of emotion and fun. I also work hard to understand how my equipment works so that it doesn’t matter if I have 1 hour, or 10 minutes with the bride and groom, I can create some stunning WOW images.

Take a look below at a selection of the work I ave carried out overthe last 24 months, from weddings, portraits events and commercial work, I’ve had a blast. Here’s to more of the same in the future.

2015 Weddings collage_00052015 Weddings collage_00062015 Weddings collage_00042015 Weddings collage_00032015 Weddings collage_00022015 Weddings collage_0001

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